JouWatch erobert Amerika

Eigenlob stinkt zwar, aber wir haben hervorragende Duftkerzen in der JouWatch-Redaktion. Gerade eben wurde auf einem einflussreichen amerikanischen Blog ein Beitrag von uns veröffentlicht:

Translated from “Muslimische Flüchtlinge und Migranten – die neuen Hausbesetzer,” by Noelle Verges,, January 10, 2017 (thanks to Marilla):

Al-Banna, founder of Muslim Brotherhood, had a clear target: “Andalus (Spain), southern Italy, Sicily, the Balkans and the Mediterranean islands are former Islamic colonies, so we have to restore them, and bring them back to Islam. This is our right.”

With this background, this new development in France is not surprising. The answer to the housing shortage is very simple for Muslims: they occupy what — in their opinion — belongs to them.

And so some Frenchmen, coming back from vacation, are faced with new owners in their own property. During their absence their property has been occupied by “refugees,” migrants or illegals.

Now the big problems start. Only last year did France overhaul the law. Until then, the property owner had to go to court if he wanted to move back into his apartment.

Even today, it´s not enough to identify yourself as the owner -– you have to file charges at the police station. Only in the company of police officers is the owner permitted to enter his property again, and he has to pay for all damage the occupier has done.

Here are some examples:

February 2015

Two old ladies inherited a country house. What they did not realize was that in the meantime, 43 people from Kosovo had moved in there.
April 2015
The 83-year-old Maryvonn lived with her partner. After his death, she want to return to her own apartment, but foreigners were living there. The lock was changed, and walls were demolished.
July 2015

A family from Paris went on vacation to their vacation home in Brittany. But they found the house occupied.

November 2016
A 35-year-old man from Gambia occupied a house in Coulomniers.
November 2016
Since 2014, the presbytery of Saint Medard de Doules in Nantes has been occupied by 50 migrants.
December 2016
A woman from Thohon left her apartment only for a few days. Upon her return, she found six foreigners living there. Three of them were identified as illegals; three others are on the run.
December 2016
A young woman went on business to the area of Dordogne. When she came back to her apartment in Bordeaux, she found a Bulgarian couple with their child living there.
December 2016
Coming back from his Christmas vacation, a man in Fron discovered that a group of gypsies were now living in his house.
January 2017
In a house in Drancy, police discovered a dead person. The house was occupied by Arab men. Nobody in the neighborhood had noticed anything.
Screenshot: Pamela Geller Site

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